If you plan to fire up the grill this weekend, treat yourself and impress your friends with this expensive-tasting, easy-to-make Backyard Swizzle.

Its slightly smoky reposado base anchors a symphony of complex flavors that come together to create the perfect companion to any grilled beef or pork dish. And by simply throwing a few slices of pineapple on the barbie, you’ll instantly raise your game and bring together the flavors to your drink and* ‘cue. A little extra work? Sure. But well worth it. ¡Salud!
Backyard Swizzle
What you’ll need:
1-1/2 oz Avion reposado tequila (Any good quality reposado will suffice.)
1 oz pear puree (Puree 2 pears, 2 Tbsp sugar and 2 Tbsp water in a blender. Strain if desired.)
1/2 oz lemon Juice
2 small slices Thai chili peppers
4-5 grilled pineapple chunks
Angostura Bitters
How to make it:
Add liquid ingredients and crushed ice to pilsner glass and stir. Garnish with chili pepper and pineapple chunks.
Recipe compliments of Avion


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