Source: Honda

While most automakers are looking to improve real-time traffic data plumbed into cars and bring smarter rerouting to market, Honda is looking at another way of getting you out of traffic: preventing it in the first place.
Working with the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology at the University of Tokyo, Honda began testing a program that keeps tabs on acceleration and braking patterns in the vehicle. Utilizing that data, a color-coded display on the dash “encourages” smoother acceleration and brake inputs, limiting the amount of jerky and erratic behaviors commuters experience while on the road.
According to the automaker, utilizing the system increased average speed by nearly a quarter and reduce fuel consumption by up to 8 percent.
But Honda isn’t stopping there.
By equipping test vehicles with a data connection, it can send traffic and driving pattern data into the cloud, find the optimal speed for traffic flow and then automatically set the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) system to maintain a set speed and optimal distance between vehicles.
Honda says it plans to bring the technology to market, but isn’t providing an exact time frame. However, the automaker will begin testing the technology in Italy and Indonesia this May to see if the system can be scaled for widespread adoption.


via Noobsters Forums