1.*Lisbon tramway*

2.*A brunch in San Francisco.

3.*Edinburgh, Scotland

4.*Seattle and the Olympic Mountains

5.*Lovely Quince Street in Philadelphia

6.*A Back Lane in Florence, Italy*

7.*Mist rising softly over a glowing New York City skyline

8.*One World Trade Center, New York City, on April 1st

9.*Super Hi-Res Photo of Venice*

10.*NYC, on my roof

11.*Modern Shanghai at Night*

12.*Danny Torres on the Burj Dubai Heli-pad viewing the Burj Khalifa, Dubai UAE*

13.*Shanghai in 2012.

14.*Shard Sunrise, London

15.*Krasnaya Presnya, Russia

16.*Tokyo all in*


18.*Jumbo Floating Restaurant (Hong Kong)

19.*Snowy Shard – London*

20. Piazzale Michaelangelo in Florence

21.*Dubai Marina Skyline*

22.*Downtown Warsaw*

23.*Slice of Aerial Manhattan



26.*Boston Commons

27.*Minneapolis from Franklin Street Bridge

28.*Paris Intersection

29.*Aerial San Francisco

30.*Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem


via Noobsters Forums http://www.noobsters.org/showthread.php?68850-30-Best-City-Pictures-of-the-Week-%C2%96-April-18th-to-April-25th-2012&goto=newpost